How I Know I’m Getting Older: A List

Time marches on, I know that.  But, I still feel so young inside.  However, when I jump around like a teen, the next day I need Chiropractic Services.  And I know what the piggy meant when he said, ‘Not by the hair of my chinny chin chin.

How I Know - signs that I’m getting older, even though look like a teenager

There are signs that I’m getting older, even though I still look think like a teenager. 

  1.  When my best friend and I get drunk and jump on the trampoline, we pee in our pants (Just a little, but enough that we notice)
  2. When I’m walking through a restaurant and the hot guy is looking at me, its cause I’ve got toilet paper hanging out of my pants.  Then, he slips my daughter his Blackberry PIN and tells her to BBM him.
  3. The girl I thought was a teen mom is celebrating her 30th birthday.
  4. When I’m driving and I glance in the rear view mirror, I see a HAIR growing out of my chin (did you know the light is really good in the car?)
  5. No one cards me anymore. Even at the liquor store when I’m wearing a baseball cap and sunglasses.
  6. There’s a subtle thickening about my waist, and I develop an affinity for elastic waist pants
  7. When I get up from sitting in a movie, my knees creak like the floors in an old house.
  8.  I have an urge to hand out hard candies to little kids.
  9. Ralph Macchio has teenagers.
  10. I start to buy shoes because they’re comfortable (oh the horror)

What are yours?